Domestic Violence

Any time there are emotions involved, physical reactions can lead to violence in relationships. Domestic violence includes intimate partner violence or family violence and can happen to anyone. While most instances of domestic violence go unreported, the ones that involve police arriving on the scene oftentimes turn into legal cases. Victims of domestic violence are advised to seek protection and may file a no-contact or restraining order against the perpetrator. In some cases, the report of domestic violence is false and an innocent person is being accused of a serious crime.

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Washington Domestic Violence Charges

A charge of domestic violence in Washington can initiate not one, but a series of criminal prosecutions, setting actions in motion that can have very serious, long-term consequences. If you have been arrested for domestic violence, your first step must be to seek qualified legal counsel who can prepare an appropriate response to the charges filed against you. A criminal conviction can affect everything from your right to vote to possession of a firearm and even hinder your potential for future employment.

Washington No-Contact Orders

No-contact orders are issued by the court for the protection of the victim in a domestic violence case. The order must be honored by both parties or a subsequent arrest and prosecution will be initiated for violation of the order. The victim does not have the authority to reverse a no-contact order and must abide by the judge’s order or incur additional criminal prosecution.

Washington’s Domestic Violence Laws

The laws of the State of Washington are enacted to protect the victims of domestic violence. The court system works to prosecute offenders to the full extent of the law and protect the victim. In comparison to other states, Washington state law is intensely vigorous in the prosecution of anyone charged with the crime of domestic violence. Competent legal counsel is critical to ensure that the person charged is provided an effective and timely defense with the most successful resolution possible.

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